But say, we’re two when you shift for
That wide, to this scale of mind
Anyhow else, meet isn’t knowing
Better of both ways
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– © Samuel Sylf

❝ A few helping, little for anything. ❞

‘You need one right hand,’ he said for a factotum
We stepped out into a datum level of the street
So the beautiful hustle explained
All smiles beyond impetuosity
Gentled scarcity by a personal artery
I was too deep on the trot to remember
Today was the reminiscent night of art
Roseate people tinged with the sky

– 21 August 2014 © Samuel Sylf

SYLFIDI- there are days where I find myself wondering further than the last, days that border with the nihilists and then there are days where I am found by things which construct a far better day and the words I found from you were just that. Thank you for them.

Hands on the contrary,
nobody knows but a stereotype,
before it’s tried out with own bare hands.
A scientist, human being, nature
– they mean the same in this instance.
Life is an on-going process of new classics.
But think of the life-enduring side,
how this process could prominently
continue through a rosy midway…,
descended from two canyon-sides,
as it’s our planet, not a certain,
but all we learn between.
Only love, and only if a being was
value–for own’s origin
An axiom, there’s others,
There’s no ‘If not’,
I’d take it as ‘humanity reservedly lives
without a classic.’
You should read, get inspired,
get better by a classic,
with respect to perspective
life that was lived
as the originelli

– © samuel sylf

Your poems are a pleasure to read. I can feel the words, if that makes any sense. You should publish them!

Demand is fulfilled by an answer:
Content with an angle for mood,
whose wings are broken,
only while one’s bares
need a good decision,
characteristic stories, base.
The matter you receive by the fountainhead,
if cringed at, decision hand in hand.
I’d wish to keep the affectionate realm,
so purely, that your decision into is free.
For you, the way happens deservingly.

– © Samuel Sylf

And what's your name? :)

A mien when I say hi.

Samuel Sylf
❝ A way to beautifully say anything. ❞


That was the only fountain
Shore had risen up to drink…
My eyes’ tide for the whirlpool *

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Samuel Sylf
❝ Interpreting lifelike essence, contenting sharp-cut decisions. ❞
2014 © Samuel Sylf
❝ Soul for my hallow
Sun over the brief shadow
You’re dreamy layer ❞