❝ Airs aftermath, you better kiss alight. ❞

ref. the back of an envelope

© Samuel Sylf
❝ Remains rhapsody
Story to be patently
if you will grasp me ❞


[…] Then you notice–after you had cleansed tables, sharpened the knives–that gales had been broken into the kitchen.
[…] But calmly, it’s a walk before one can run: hey guys, you forgot to do your duties; let me show you the way.
[…] Differences. Earlier times of your own kitchen, in your previous lives,–define how to handle the dire traits,–before you ended up in someone else’s kitchen.
[Stays cleansed, ‘when I keep it clean.’ Things in their places after use.]
– Perhaps you could be bowled over by my recipe.

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Samuel Sylf
❝ Being with you is award itself. ❞
© Samuel Sylf
❝ Emit no easier
While no of mine mends willing
A becoming yes ❞
огонь или вода?

Вода по всем представлениям
Плавав в море,
Я ещё испытаю огонь
И начинаю петь по-понятию вам,
будет ли по-твоему

– Cамуэл

❝ You change daily, know, I’m will. ❞
❝ Soon you’d understand the lithesome threads that weave a sea change. On a pair of hands they are merely invisible. For most they are–the current, for the few. ❞