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❝ Floral triangle
Stipulative ear-blossom
Balance nudged circle ❞


Arrived on a planetfall where shivers are the warmth

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Samuel Sylf
❝ Every year’s its own era nowadays. ❞

Recesses of Mind

Navigated on the map we shared out souls
Wanted and hot on wilderness among ghouls
When you jump off the boat
Anchored to a shore of our oasis
You dip in the after-effect of my spring
When your dribble hits the calm ocean:
All cherry buds released the blossom
The white leaflets cover up like the quilt for sleep
We ruminate that moment only after its gone
As the after-effect in the current sway
Some memories are evergreen days
When we return to their sweet taste
This season as if we cuddled up our lips
Black cherry on vanilla-bean skin, hegemony of heart;
Circles of daylight contrasted on white night
Anywhere by memory we kept to recite
Dimensionally thinking, a lea of anemones,
A dot is a far-fetched being of personified hope
Partly faded, otherworldly brought back
When you found this oasis’ rhyme
in a sliver of brightness in process again
Scaled up from the recesses of mind

– 2014 © Samuel Sylf

I have a challenge for you if you're willing: Personify the season of Summer without using the word.

Despite oneself that I seldom write about summer, usually when it is at peak condition of the hottest week. Meaning the summer season. You ask for something else, exactly about what–and how–my writings are happening in kind. If you would carefully browse through this, an iota of writings, you’ll find out descriptions of summer. I recently wrote something that evoked up as the following, Recesses of Mind.

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❝ I’m the sand, you’re the sea. ❞
© Samuel Sylf
❝ It has been your choice
I’d always thought spacious poise
I’m restrained seal
Eyes, let you surmount the vale
If you’re willing, before sail ❞
Samuel Sylf
❝ Renewing suppression: life’s better, no doubt. ❞
© Samuel Sylf
❝ Stir serenity
Upon hearty brewing kept awry
Fly expectancy ❞